Thank you for considering membership in Chester County Engineers. In order to become a member you must fill out our member application form.

After you fill out the Membership application, an associate from Chester Counter Engineers will send you an invoice for your dues. After dues have been received, you will be contacted with your membership information, Username and password for the web site. We also have a membership for in PDF format for you to download and print if you prefer to send in your membership information.

Members: Chester County Engineers

Benefits of becoming a member

Stay Informed – Discuss pressing development issues that are being changed or are new to the area enforced by local government and Environmental government agencies.

Gain from and contribute to knowledge advancement – monthly speakers from inside CCE and outside will expand on issues that Civil Engineers in Chester County are facing on a day to day basis.

Share new detailed information on projects being advanced or hindered by changes in local government standards.

Grow professionally and personally – Your organization can be recognized by the top work it performs.  Clients will take note of your achievements though this recognition and your member employees will benefit from the recognition within your organization.

Online PDH Courses –  need pdh credits, but can’t make it to the meeting? Many months we offer virtual webinar training.

Web Site containing the speakers notes, if you missed the speaker or did not get good enough notes they will be available for download from the website.

Make Lasting Connections – Luncheon meetings held eight times a year, including a yearly awards banquet. Come together with the highest in quality representatives of companies in Chester County, discuss jobs and accomplishments, and create healthy competition.